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Wine is a timeless gift that tastes of travels, conversations, laughter and family.

Chris’ dream to become a winemaker formed early in life and he pursued this dream in college where he earned his degree in Viticulture & Enology and Spanish at Washington State University, GO COUGS! Chris’ experience gained through studying abroad at Casa Lapostolle in Chile, his travels to Pommard Burgundy, France at Domaine Lejeune Winery, and his trip back to Chile at the Viña Viu Manent Winery has allowed him to learn from some of the best grape growers and wine makers. Today, Chris is the assistant winemaker at Girard Winery in the Napa Valley.


Michael has been heavily involved in the grape growing process for over 20 years and is an orchard and vineyard consultant and a cherry grower.

On a beach in Marbella, Spain with Cuban cigars and a bottle of Tempranillo, Chris Daniel Stewart and his father, Michael Sean Stewart, decided to start their own winery. They had one goal in mind: Make a wine that maximizes every aspect of the traditional wine making process to ensure the most flavor and character from the grapes.


With their extensive knowledge and experience of winemaking and grape growing, the father and son team have implemented the best winemaking practices from around the world. With Michael’s help, the grapes are sourced from vineyards that he consults on so that he may see them every week of the growing season. What separates Chris Daniel winery from the rest is the attention to detail from vine to bottle. Grapes are hand-sorted and cold soaked for color density and flavor complexity. The fermenting is done with whole berries to increase fruity character and all wines are fermented in oak barrels to create softer more mouth coating tannins. Saignee’d to concentrate the wines and all transferring is done by gravity to avoid rough treatment of the wines which ensures the character of the wine.

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