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Chris Daniel Winery: From Vineyard to Bottle

April 1, 2019- Chris Daniel Stewart got his start in wine at age 14 when he began working summer and weekends at a local winery. At the same time he started helping out at the company run by his father, Michael Stewart, who has been heavily involved in the grape growing process for two decades as a vineyard consultant. Chris was instantly hooked. “I loved everything about the industry and decided to immerse myself fully from that point on,” he says.

After earning a degree in viticulture and enology at WSU, Chris continued to expand on his skills as he traveled abroad, studying in France and Chile, learning from top winemakers and wine growers. 

Making Fine wine is a family affair at Chris Daniel Winery

July 1, 2018- My last tasting stop at the 2017 Wenatchee Wine & Food Festival was a booth promoting a wine I had never heard of. Chris Daniel Winery is named for their son, his parents told me. The two red wines I tasted — a Malbec and a Petite Sirah/Syrah blend — stood out from other wines I had tasted that night. I had tasted many delicious wines that night, and perhaps the light buzz I felt was why these seemed so good.

And yet, there was something different going on here.

Mike and Chris were interviewed for Lines on Wines

2017-Listen to the interview by clicking on the link below